The Patek Philippe Lady's Twenty~4

The Patek Philippe's Lady's Twenty~4 wristwatch was created for the refined, active woman of today who seeks a watch that reflects her style and can be worn on all occasions. Whether in cool steel (Ref. 4910/10), warm rose gold (Ref. 4910/11R or 4908/11R) or noble white gold, each model radiates with the fiery splendor of diamonds. The Patek Philippe lady's twenty~4 comes in two sizes. Each model reflects perfection in craftsmanship, and the curved silhouette of the case is a loving caress for the feminine wrist. Also available are matching rings and earrings from the Twenty~4 collection. If you have any questions regarding these exquisite timepieces, please contact us at 866-240-7366 or by email at

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