How to service your Patek Philippe watch

Patek Philippe watches are designed to last many generations. To ensure that this will happen, I recommend a regular service every three to five years to keep your Patek Philippe timepiece in perfect working condition. This watch maintenance should only be undertaken by an accredited Patek Philippe service center. Patek Philipppe has created a network of authorized agents ready to assist you with service and repair of your timepiece. A list of authorized dealers can be found over the internet at

A routine maintenance normally will include the following:
1. Dismantling of the watch and control of all components.
2. Cleaning and replacement of basic movement parts as necessary.
3. Oiling and adjustment.
4. Polishing the case.
5. Replacement of the crown, if necessary
6. Replacement of the case back joints.
7. Replacement of bezel joints.
8. General quality control.

The price of the service varies depending on the complexity of the timepiece. You can usually expect a cost estimate within five working days upon receipt of watch.

I hope this information is helpful.
Ron Freeman

If you would like more information on service and repair of your Patek Philippe please give me a call at 866-240-7366 or drop me a line at

Harold Freeman Jewelers is an Authorized Dealer for Patek Philippe watches.

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