The Patek Philippe Reference 5131-The art of cloisonne' enameling

At the Basel World 2008, Patek Philippe introduced the World Time Ref. 5131 with a hand made cloisonne' enamel dial. The dial which is a miniature work of art features a Europe-Asia map. The Patek Philippe World Time Ref. 5131 is part of the Complicated Collection. The watch indicates the hour in all major cities throughout the world. The world Time displays local time represented by the city at 12 o'clock and the time in all other time zones. When traveling from one timezone to another, simply press the push piece at 10o'clock until the city which represents your destination appears at 12 o'clock. The World Time Ref. 5131 has been highly sought after by watch aficionados who appreciate the watch's rich heritage and interesting complication.

In turn, it's cloisonne' dial will delight connoisseurs of the art of enameling. In addition to geneva enamel and champleve enamel, cloisonne is one of the three classic techniques traditionally used to decorate fine watches and dials. The motifs are always silhouettes whose contours define the shapes of the "cloisons" (french for partition) that contain different colored zones of the finished enamel opus. This enameling technique creates a stunning brilliance of colors which do not fade and retain their luster for centuries.

Due to the complex process involved in the making of the cloisonne' enamel dial, only a small number of the Patek Philippe World Time Ref. 5131 will be made each year.

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