Howard Hughes and his Patek Philippe Watch

Christies Auction house is offering a rare Patek Philippe chronograph owned by the mysterious Howard Hughes. An influential aviator, entrepreneur and movie producer, Howard Hughes inherited 75% of his father's estate at 18 years of age. Left a million-dollar estate and control of the Sharp-Hughs Tool Company, Howard and his new wife soon left their home in Texas and moved to Hollywood. Hughes spent much of the next 20 with interests in the film industry. His 1928 film Two Arabian Knights won the 1928 Oscar for Best Comedy Direction and other hits included Scarface (1932) and The Outlaws (1943). Howard Hughes took control of RKO Motion Pictures in 1948.

While known for his interest in Hollywood and the film industry, Hughes is best known as an aviation pioneer and for his love of flying. He was not a stellar student but skilled in mathematics and had a passion for mechanics and design. These skills propelled Hughes to the forefront of the aviation industry. He set several air records including a 1938 world record round the globe flight in 91 hours, beating the previous record by four hours.

The watch which will be offered through Christies auction house
is a rare and attractive 18K yellow gold chronograph wristwatch with Breguet numerals, signed Patek Philippe and manufactured in 1949.

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